About us

About Lauren Kartchner

Klemont was founded by Lauren Kartchner, originally from Houston, Texas who moved to Utah as a young girl. At a young age, Lauren would spend hours in her room drawing/designing clothes and wedding dresses. Her strong work ethic and continuous drive to be creative, helped her start Klemont at the young age of 23 years old. Her husband, Kevin, helped push her to follow her dreams of owning a clothing store and being an example to all women everywhere of following their dreams and passions.

To Our Customers

To me, fashion isn’t just about clothes. It is about finding yourself and personal style, discovering what makes you feel beautiful, and showing the world who you really are. I’m here to help you find the clothes that make you feel most beautiful. Some days aren’t good days and I speak from experience when I say that sometimes a little shopping can be the best therapy. Shop around and I hope you enjoy what I have displayed for you. 

Xoxo - Lauren